Calvin and Family Group

Core Values



Hands on operations, we will become the service provider of
choice for corporate South Africa and Government.

Our Core Values

Mission Statement

To form long-term relationships with our clients in order to
deliver a service of superior standards in the industry and be
irreplaceable by our clients  


  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • People First
  • Commitment

Calvin and Family Group was established in 2005 and has 11 years experience in development and construction industry specialising initially in residential developments and later branching out into commercial, retail, industrial development and civils, and recently more into low cost housing and schools over this period. Calvin and Family Group further diversified into other sectors such as Security Services, Project Management, Printing and Marketing. Overall one can see that with the wealth of experience and passion for the industry we not only get things but take pride in what we do.

Our approach to the projects we work on

We demonstrate commitment through:

  • our belief in what we do;
  • hard work and dedication to the tasks undertaken; and
  • ensuring we deliver on what we have promised.

We innovation accountability by:

  • using latest & new model machines to get the work done fast.
  • using materials to make all our projects to be strong and stable yet not taking aging to finish the project.
  • being advanced and always staying on top of the game by going with times

We safety accountability by:

  • building quality tested projects
  • using the best resources when making our projects
  • we have armed response team

We demonstrate accountability by:

  • taking responsibility for our actions;
  • being transparent in keeping record of our activities and the disclosure thereof; and
  • being ultimately answerable for our actions.